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All the Right Stuff for Your Inner Enthusiast!

At ProCuffs, we don’t want to deliver the same old nonsense to your front door—we sell accessories for people with some real imagination. Sure, we have classic tie clips and cufflinks to match your business attire, but we also have some great themed accessories that will accentuate your attire, bringing out a little bit of your personality and telling people you interact with a little about yourself, without having to say a word. You can do this with our awesome accessories that have all the right stuff for your inner enthusiast.

For Animal Enthusiasts – Are you a dog lover? You’ll love our awesome bulldog cufflinks or our 3-D pet cufflinks featuring pet graphics. We also have cufflinks sporting exotic animals like eagles, elephants, cheetahs, dolphins and much more. If you’re from the country and want to keep a piece of it with you, we have some remarkable farmer cufflinks with horses, cows and many other detailed farm animals. If you like kangaroos, then crikey, do we have the right cufflink for you!

For Music Enthusiasts – Are you a musician? We have the perfect piece of flair for your attire. We have amazing piano cufflinks in black and white for our fellow pianists. We also have detailed trumpet cufflinks in both silver and gold varieties. We also have detailed acoustic guitar, violin and saxophone cufflinks to choose from. If you just love music, we have plenty of musical symbols, just browse to see what we have for you! For a limited time, we’re also featuring “The Beatles” cufflinks, so don’t delay!

For Car and Bike Enthusiasts – Whether you’re a professional driver, a car collector or a window shopper, we have something for the car & bike enthusiast in you. We have dozens of cufflinks featuring popular brands of cars and bikes including Bentley, BMW, Audi and more. Aside from having several sexy muscle car and motorcycle cufflinks to choose from, we also have options in BMX Bikes, ATVs and more.

Sports Enthusiasts Love Us – For the soccer (or football) fans out there, we have 2014 World Cup cufflinks. We have an awesome $100 poker chip cufflink that calls out to every poker player. We also have many other cool symbols and figures turned into cufflinks. We literally have dozens of sports cufflinks, from baseball to badminton.

Want Something Functional? – If these weren’t unique enough for you, we have plenty of functional cufflinks as well. If you want a cufflink that’s also a clock, light, USB Drive or any other number of useful things, look no further than us.

We urge those interested to browse our inventory and find something that is truly, uniquely them. Cufflinks not your thing? We’re also a trusted source to buy tie bars online, so don’t hesitate to browse that section too. Questions? Comments? Call us today at 1.800.569.3570.


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