Men: What Your Fashion Accessories Say about You

Men’s fashion accessories sowed their roots in the fruitful soil of practicality. You wear a watch to know what time it is. You wear cufflinks to hold your sleeve together. You wear a tie clip so your tie doesn’t end up in your soup.

These accessories have evolved over time, though. They’ve become a means of expression. Here at ProCuffs, we know all about expressing yourself with fashion accessories. And now we are sharing some of that knowledge. This post is for anyone who doesn’t speak the language of men’s fashion accessories but wants to learn.

So, without further ado, here is what the three main accessories are saying about you:

1. Watches never went out of style, but it is safe to say that they are seeing a resurgence in men’s fashion today. Everywhere you turn nowadays you see a guy with a beard and cool watch. Why? Because beards are cool and a nice watch is the cornerstone of any well-put-together outfit. Whether you’re in the boardroom or on the boardwalk, a nice-looking watch can speak volumes about who you are. For instance:

  • The guy with leather straps around his wrist seems rugged and charming

  • That silver watch sure is interesting. The guy wearing it might have something to say worth hearing
  • Look at how colorful that guy’s watch is! He’s probably got a lot of personality.

No one notices if you’re not wearing a watch. But if you are, it can really give strangers a solid impression of who you are!

2. Wearing a tie clip (sometimes referred to as a “tie bar”) is hands-down the best way to let everyone know that you’ve got your act together. Your suit speaks volumes about you, and a tie clip says that you are thorough, measured and in control. A suit with a tie clip is like a present with a bow: Sure, you don’t need it, but it kind of brings the whole idea together.

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3.. Ah, the cufflink – our bread and butter here at ProCuffs. Needless to say, we think highly of cufflinks. Do you know who else thinks highly of cufflinks? Everyone who knows anything about men’s fashion! There are three kinds of men who wear them. The next time you’re mingling in a large group of people at a formal event, survey the crowd for cufflinks and you’ll see them. They are:

  • The individual wants to be appreciated for who he is, not how he dresses. For him, cufflinks are a vehicle of self-expression. His cufflinks are usually made of silk or thread, never metal or jewels.

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  • The strong silent type doesn’t need to make an impression because his demeanor tells the whole story. He is wearing cufflinks for a practical reason: French cuffs can’t hold themselves together. His cuffs are usually metal. They’re noticeable only if you’re looking for them.

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  • The extrovert uses cufflinks to say, “I’m here, let’s do this!” His cufflinks usually have some kind of stone, or they’re gold. The extrovert’s cufflinks are loud, like the individual, and full of presence, like the strong silent type’s.

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We hope you found this fun and useful! If you’re interested in cufflinks, tie clips, watches or any other fashion accessories, check out our catalog!