Awesome, Practical Cufflinks

You know about the run of the mill cufflinks; you can go out and spend $10 or $1,000 and they do exactly the same thing. We’re not looking down on people that want to go out and buy thousand-dollar cufflinks for themselves; more power to you. However, at Pro-Cuffs we have so much more to offer than your every-day cufflinks, we have something for everyone. We’re not a jewelry store but we have some cufflinks that can make you stand out among your peers and add a special touch to your outfit you won’t find anywhere else. 

USB Cufflinks

We live in an era of technology, where we want to have important files at the drop of a dime. This is indicative by the new innovations we’ve had in the last 5-10 years for file sharing. This includes specialized e-mail, shared drives, cloud-based storage and portable storage mediums. We’ve combined the best of both worlds – classy business attire and convenient access to your important files. Are you going to a business meeting and you really want to surprise a client or associate with a cool knick-knack?

We have just the thing for you—our awesome, fully functional Gunmetal, Gold and Silver USB Drive Cufflinks. These are some classy, rectangular silver cufflinks with one of the cufflinks doubling as a 100% legitimate 8 gigabyte USB flash drive. Maybe you like having cool little technological gadgets. Maybe you want to bring your flash drive with you but you don’t want it to be conspicuous. Maybe you’d rather just attach your flash drive to your suit or shirt so that you don’t lose it. Regardless of your reasons (we’re not asking) this is a perfect choice for someone looking for a cool technological touch to their formal attire.

Seriously Awesome Clock Cufflinks

There’s no limit to the interesting things that you’re going to find here at Pro-Cuffs. We have a wide variety of different cufflinks, but right now we’re going to talk about cufflinks that you can tell time with. That’s right, we have a great selection of cufflink time-pieces for your enjoyment. Find the right style for you and add a truly artistic tinge to your attire.

We have classic circular clock varieties in black and white, as well as blue. Some of our cufflink varieties feature illuminated backsides so that the clocks are visible in the dark. For our clientele seeking something a little bit classier, we offer a rectangular sterling silver analog square clock cufflink, a seriously suave cufflink that’ll perfectly accompany the right outfit. 

Illuminating Cufflinks!

Maybe you’re an electrician, or maybe you run a home supply store and want to express that. Regardless of what you do, our illuminating cufflinks are a “bright” idea for your outfit. We have a wide variety of bulbs to choose from. These cuffs are great for standing out in a crowd at a night meeting. These are also a great way to add some flavor to your attire. We have a great variety of bulbs to choose from, starting with miniature orthodox lightbulbs up to bright blue LED cufflinks.

All This and More!

We have many other options to choose from including mini-games and even miniature globe cufflinks with small depictions of Earth on them. We have some of the best tie bars to buy online. We’d love to hear from you with any questions, comments, concerns and hopefully compliments. Call us today at 1.800.569.3570 or e-mail us at