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Tie Clip: The Official Accessory of the Upper Clasp
buy tie clips onlinePocket squares, suits and wingtips are all essentials in the world of classic menswear, but when it comes to rising above the crowd, look no further than the tie bar. The gentleman's tie clip is functionality and suave at its highest level. While the other guys struggle to keep their tie adjusted and out of their position, be the man with his arm around his date instead. The tie clip is often an overlooked accessory that will keep you one step in front of your competition. Tie bars don't have to be boring either. has a huge selection of tie bars to fit every personality and every occasion. Head online to ahead of your next outing, and be sure to buy a tie clip. isn't just trying to keep your tie collection out of your soup! The gentlemen at ProCuffs want to keep you out of all sorts of hot water. That is why they have an extensive selection of mens casual watches for every occasion. No date wants to see their man checking their phone every five minutes, so avoid it by stepping up your gentlemanliness with a watch from


Mens Tie Bar

mens tie barEvery true gentleman knows that style can't quit when the meal is done! Keep your sleeves out of your dessert with a pair of cufflinks for men! Buy a pair of cufflinks to match your mens tie bar, and let her know that she's worth pulling out all of the stops! She will know that she has a winner by the time the bill comes if you go to and buy a wallet online. The wallet is an indispensable part of the perfect gentleman's ensemble, and it will surely pull the outfit together as you pick up the check. ProCuffs has a huge variety of mens wallets to match any outfit, from the humble polo to the most distinguished tuxedos. is your one-stop online shop for men's fashion accessories. Take your ensemble to the next level with accessories from ProCuffs and impress everyone at your next outing! Buy cufflinks, tie clips, wallets, and watches; accessories for every occasion at